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Automotive Metal Fasteners Update

Metal Fasteners

Automotive Metal Fasteners Market Overview

Due to the increasingly complex nature of vehicular designs, automotive metal fasteners assume an increasingly high importance to vehicle OEMs. Automotive metal fasteners are required to be stronger, lighter, more durable, easier to fit and often aesthetically pleasing. Automotive metal fasteners are now as much a bespoke designed component as any other part of a vehicle. Technological developments in metal fastener design and production have enabled metal fasteners to transform into highly engineered components playing a critical role.

The Global Metal Fastener Industry

Global Metal Fastener IndustryThe global metal fastener industry is in good shape. Solid growth in both manufacturing and distribution companies over the last four years is supporting ongoing investment in new technologies and production facilities. All this is good news for the automotive supply chain. The recent International Fastener Fair in Stuttgart had 832 exhibitors from over 42 countries, demonstrating the truly global nature of this industry and huge confidence in its future.


Metal Fasteners vs Bonding

Metal Fasteners vs BondingWhilst the use of chemical bonding and adhesives is increasing, often in order to reduce vehicle weight (lightweighting), automotive metal fasteners are still unsurpassed in many applications for their ease of use, structural strength and longevity. The automotive industry is very aware that the use of the wrong fasteners can lead to a high rate of vehicle recalls, increased warranty claims and customer dissatisfaction. It is here that metal fasteners are often seen as a comparatively safe choice relative to some of the newer technologies.

 Innovative New Technologies

Innovative New TechnologiesThe technological development of automotive metal fasteners continues at a pace. Fasteners being developed to cope with the ever greater demands put on them by vehicle design and quality standards. Examples of this are fasteners that are unaffected by temperature fluctuations, self-sealing or locking, self-piercing rivets and anti-vibration and anti-noise fasteners to help solve NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness) challenges. In addition automotive metal fasteners are increasingly being designed and supplied as multi-part components to reduce vehicle build times. These applications are specifically important when using automated robots.

3D Metal Printing Prototypes

3D metal PrintingRecent innovations in the sector have included the use of Metal 3D printing (known as Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)) for prototyping of automotive metal fasteners. Fasteners are created by laser fusing of high performance metal powders, layer by layer. Produced from 3D CAD data, the resulting prototype parts are strong, lightweight, accurate and cost-effective. The quality of these metal printed parts is such that they can often be used as if manufactured with convention engineering methods.

Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing of Metal FastenersAuto-Fasteners Ltd (AFL) are a leading name in the sourcing and distribution of a wide range of bespoke automotive metal fasteners. AFL are now a first tier supplier now to many of the World’s leading automotive OEMs for both passenger car, commercial vehicle, off-highway and motorcycle. At AFL we are very close to the ongoing technological developments taking place in the international metal fasteners industry. Working with many of the World’s leading manufacturers we are able to meet the OEM demands of innovative design and the use of high tech materials to produce metal fasteners of exceptional quality at highly competitive prices.

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    Auto-Fasteners Ltd (AFL) is a Tier 1 automotive supplier. We globally source, stock and distribute OEM and TS16949 quality fasteners, small parts and engineered components. We can satisfy OEM production line and aftermarket requirements for both car and commercial vehicles.

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