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New Service – Rubber to Metal Mountings

January 29th, 2016 | AFL News, New Products | Comments Off on New Service – Rubber to Metal Mountings

automotive rubber to metal mountingsRubber to Metal Mountings

Autofasteners are delighted to announce the availability of OEM bespoke rubber to metal mountings and bushes for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This covers a wide range of mounting and vibration isolation applications including drive train, steering, suspension, chassis, body and exhaust.

Although generically known as ‘rubber to metal’ (or visa versa), these mountings now include a wide range of modern synthetic rubbers and polyurethanes as an alternative option to rubber. The key advantage of ‘rubber to metal’ mountings is their ability to absorb and dampen energy being transmitted through a bushing which would otherwise transmit unwanted torque, noise and vibration through the vehicle. They allow component parts to move more freely than would a solid fixing, thereby reducing friction, shear and wear issues.

With the ever increasing attention being given to NVH (noise vibration and harshness) in vehicle design automotive rubber to metal mountingsand development, rubber to metal mountings have a key role to play in isolating and limiting noise transference. Rubber to metal mounts are known in the NVH world as ‘Passive Vibration Isolators’. Passive isolation has the benefit of operating in both directions, isolating and protecting components and structures both sides of the mount from each other’s movement and vibrations.

Rubber to metal mounts have been with us for a long time, and the introduction of them as vehicle engine mountings can be traced back to Chrysler in the 1920’s where they were branded as ‘Floating Power’ technology. Chrysler had developed them to reduce the amount of engine torque being transmitted to the chassis and they were first introduced onto a production vehicle in 1932, the Chrysler Plymouth.

automotive rubber to metal mountingsSince these early days rubber to metal bushes and mountings have become used in many automotive applications as varied as crankshaft vibration damping to seat mounting. Although often considered to be a ‘wear’ component, the latest designs and material developments in rubber to metal mounts are proving to be highly durable over the vehicle life. One of the most significant developments has been that of the bonding techniques used to fix the metal and rubber elements together. These developments have not only increased the durability of rubber to metal mounts but also allowed a wider range of substrates to be used including stainless steel, aluminium and zinc as well as numerous plastics.

Autofasteners are able to supply rubber to metal mountings in any volumes required to meet both serial production and aftermarket requirements. Our rubber to metal mounting suppliers meet all automotive OEM quality standards and additional pre-supply quality checks are made at our Global Distribution Centre in the UK prior to despatch in accordance with individual customer requirements.

Auto-Fasteners Ltd New Website

December 18th, 2014 | AFL News, AFL Opinion, Customer Case Studies, New Products, Technical | Comments Off on Auto-Fasteners Ltd New Website

Welcome to our new website. So much has happened here at Auto-Fasteners over the last few years we almost didn’t know where to start to write it. Our business has grown and changed a great deal and we hope this new web site reflects that. We are now supplying not only aftermarket fasteners to automotive OEMs but also direct onto serial production lines. Our range has expanded to include not just bespoke metal and plastic fasteners but now a wide range of small engineered parts and assemblies. We hope you our customers and suppliers find the website useful and would value your feedback. Thank you for looking, Scott Simpson Managing Director.

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    We globally source, stock and distribute OEM and TS16949 quality fasteners, small parts and engineered components. We can satisfy both OEM production line and aftermarket requirements for both car and commercial vehicles.
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    Auto-Fasteners Ltd (AFL) is a Tier 1 automotive supplier. We globally source, stock and distribute OEM and TS16949 quality fasteners, small parts and engineered components. We can satisfy OEM production line and aftermarket requirements for both car and commercial vehicles.

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