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Auto Fasteners services are engaged in the sourcing and supply of OEM quality automotive fasteners and small parts. We are a highly specialised Tier1 automotive sourcing, supply chain management, distribution and logistics company. Auto Fasteners services enable our OEM and 1st Tier customers to source automotive fasteners and small parts effectively from our global network of ISO TS16949 approved and Auto Fasteners (AFL) audited manufacturers. AFL’s product sourcing expertise is fully co-ordinated and supported by our UK based centralised management systems, stockholding, quality control, packaging and just in time logistics.

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Auto-Fasteners Ltd

Global Sourcing

Auto Fasteners services include sourcing globally from the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World. In particular we are able to source from the high quality engineering expertise now available from manufacturers in the Far East. These manufacturers often represent a highly flexible and adaptive alternative to the very large multinational 1st Tier manufacturers. This is particularly true in the speed of response, competitive unit cost and the low MOQs (min order quantities) we are often able to obtain. This in particular adds huge value to the automotive aftermarket supply where these are key issues. All Auto Fasteners (AFL) manufacturers are ISO TS 16949 approved and audited by the Auto Fasteners Services Quality team on a regular basis. We pro-actively invite our customers own quality and purchasing teams to visit our suppliers and undertake their own audits and approval processes.

Rapid Request for Quotation (RFQ) Response – due to the very nature of Auto Fasteners services and our unique relationship with our suppliers, we are able to respond very quickly to RFQs.

Manufacturing Scheduling – we handle all aspects of order scheduling with manufacturers. This leaves our customers free to focus on managing their demand whilst we manage the complex production scheduling to meet that demand.

Quality Control

Auto Fasteners work to a wide range of quality standards to meet the needs of our international customer base. This include ISO, VDA, AIAG and EDI standards.

See Quality >>.

Stock Management

Sourcing globally has many advantages, but most overseas manufacturers are not geared up to meet the needs of automotive manufacturing or the aftermarket.  Auto Fasteners services this issue by bringing all products back into our UK warehouse for redistribution in line with customer needs. Here we break bulk, carry out routine quality inspection, undertake part numbering, packaging, assembly kitting and final logistical distribution to customers.

Stock holding of bulk is the inevitable consequence of sourcing at keen prices from overseas manufacturers. AFL is able to a carry bespoke stock on an individual customer basis. Auto Fasteners services and supply are always bespoke to individual customers. We do not share any stock between customers. This ensures that we can accurately undertake stock control using our bespoke ERP and stock control system, and re-ordering as demand patterns become established. Products can be appropriately labelled and packaged and held in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Our customers are able to draw stock from us either to an agreed schedule for production or as and when required for the aftermarket. We use EDI data interchange technology to ensure a speedy and efficient flow of information between AFL, our suppliers and customers. To view our new warehouse extension ‘fly through’ video click here >>>>>.

Kitting and Assemblies

The automotive aftermarket in particular often supplies fasteners or small parts in units of issue quantities or as a kit of parts for servicing and repairs. This will often contain fasteners and small parts from a number of different suppliers along with fitting and safety instructions. All packaging meets exacting customer standards for branding and labelling. One of Auto Fasteners services is the manual assembly of fasteners and small parts into fully assembled and tested components.

Product Packaging

One of Auto Fasteners services is the part numbering, labelling and packaging of fasteners and small parts to our customers specific requirements. Packaging plays a hugely important part in ensuring the right part arrives at the right place at the right time – fully protected from transit or storage damage and using VCI anti-rust paper wrapping, complete with appropriate instructions and advisories and in the customers own branding of choice.

As all items are unique and dedicated to specific customers packaging is often in the OEM or 1st Tier supplier branding. We also can provide items unbranded or with AFL branding to aid recognition and traceability. Our most popular packaging are sealed polythene bags or cardboard cartons.

Instructions & advisory notices are commonly inserted with fasteners and small parts for both health and safety and user instruction. Auto Fasteners services include the printing of these to customers required branding and standards and affixation to the items or insertion into or onto the packaging.

International Logistics

Getting the right products to the right place at the right time in the right condition is one of the core pillars of Auto Fasteners services. In order to achieve this we operate an advanced stock control and order processing software system to ensure appropriate lead times and ordering schedules. We then work closely with leading international freight forwarding companies to ensure timely delivery both from our overseas suppliers to our International Distribution Centre in the UK and from the UK to our global customer base.

  • Production Line Logistics – we provide a full just in time (JIT) supply service in accordance with customer production schedules.
  • Aftermarket Logistics – we maintain back up stocks in order to handle fluctuating levels of demand and therefore as standard are able to offer short lead times on aftermarket supply.
  • Vehicle Off Road (VOR) – one of Auto Fasteners services is our ability to respond rapidly to urgent unpredicted demand for aftermarket Stock items can be dispatched on a same day basis.

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    We globally source, stock and distribute OEM and TS16949 quality fasteners, small parts and engineered components. We can satisfy both OEM production line and aftermarket requirements for both car and commercial vehicles.
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    Auto-Fasteners Ltd (AFL) is a Tier 1 automotive supplier. We globally source, stock and distribute OEM and TS16949 quality fasteners, small parts and engineered components. We can satisfy OEM production line and aftermarket requirements for both car and commercial vehicles.

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